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Vol. 44 No. 9 (2023): Issue 9

Published: 2023-09-12



135 - 141

Gc-Ms Analysis of Essential Oil of Ocimum Sanctum

Ram Pratap , Mohsin Hasan Khan

232 - 234

Palm Print Recognition Using Wavelet Transforms

B. Padmavathy, Loganathan R. , Chaithra S.

261 - 266

Proactive Defence Against ARP Poisoning: A Rule-Based Solution

Abhijna PS ,Santosh Anand , Akhil K M

293 - 306

Lexicon Based Sentimental Analysis Using R

Electa Alice Jayarani A., Bhagyalakshmi V., Reegan J.

319 - 324

Tokenizing The Future: Advancing Asset Management With Blockchain

Syed Irfan Amjad Abidi, Alan Anthony Almeida ,Lance Garrick Soares, Ashwini Pansare

344 - 354

Experimental Assessment of the Resistance Parameters of a Radio Equipment to the Influence of Powerful Electromagnetic Radiation

Oleksandr Fyk, Olena Novykova, Roman Honchar, Oleksandr Voronin, Oleh Nazarenko, Dmitriy Kucher

567 - 574

Design and Development of Loads for the Final Wind Turbine

Kollibala Siva Rama Reddy S , Prashant Kumar Shrivastava

618 - 626

Designing An optimal Fuzzy-WOA Controller for Parallel Robots “Stewart Robots”

Soheil Seirafi, Hamed KHodadadi, Meisam Haghmoradi

666 - 685

Study and Analysis of Automated Techniques for Brain Tumors Identification and Classification through Machine and Deep Learning

Parimal kumar Prafulchandra Patel, Dharmesh kumar Bhalchandra Bhavsar ,Yashwant Singh Sangwan, Praveen Choudhary, Anil Kumar Tarun Kumar

772 - 784

Identifying The Dynamic Model of the 2-Link Robots in A Functional Study

Hamid Reza Eslami, Abbas Chatraei, Maede Narimani

815 - 827

System Dynamics in The Management of Power Plant EPC Projects

Reihaneh Mansoor, Ali Mohammad Ahmadvand

828 - 839

Anomaly Detection in Iranian airport’s Aviation using Deep learning

S. M. KamaliFiroozabadi, M. Poorahmadi, A. M. Latif

840 - 846

Calculating Dissipated Energy of Ring-Shaped Steel Plate Shear Wall

Farzad Zavari, Abdolrahim Jalali , Hassan Panahpour

847 - 856

Effect of Micro Bubbles on Mechanical Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Farid Faalpour, Mahin Ghannadi, Mehran Pourgholi

872 - 877

Time and Cost Optimization in Construction and Project Management

Saman Yazdani, Hassan Zoghi, Farhad Norouzian, Nader Jafaripour, Negar Rezaee Aghbash

878 - 883

AI numerical and simulation use cases for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction)

Kasra Rasi Nojedehi, Saman Yazdani, Kiarash Rasi Nojedehi, Mahan Mahdavi, Kousha Fazeli

884 - 889

Reviewing the research done in the field of health, safety and environment management in Iran

Karimi Kavus, Ehsan Moradi-Joo, Sadegh Mahdavinia, Ebrahim Negahdari, Zahra Makyani, Mohsen Barouni

890 - 898

IoT Middleware Model for Time Sensitive Data: A Survey and Framework

Navin Kumar Trivedi, Dr. Girish V. Chowdhary

925 - 936

Variation of Earth Pressure on Retaining Wall for Different Wall Movement

Tejas Bhatkar, Shrikant Tekade, Anirban Mandal

971 - 982

Use of RPA in Supply Chain Management, Smart Transportation, and Logistics

K.Lakshmi Pavani, B.Sarath Simha, Elia Thagaram, Raju Challa, D.Radha Kumari, Raja Kamal Ch

992 - 1000

Current Learning Environments and Future Applications of Open AI and Chat GPT

Elia Thagaram, K.Lakshmi Pavani, B.Sarath Simha, D.Radha Kumari, Lalisetty Ganesh, Raja Kamal Ch

1001 - 1012

Fabrication and Parametric Analysis of Thermo Acoustic Cooling System

Nishadevi n. Jadeja , Sanjay H. Zala Dholariya Mayank

1035 - 1040

A Comparative Study of Cloud Printing Architectures and Services for Cloud Computing Environments

Mohit Sharma, Muskan, Sayam Mattoo, Smriti kumari, Jayanth, Navneet Kaur, Nidhika Chauhan, Satbir S Sehgal

1049 - 1060

Face Recognition Techniques: As a Review

Raju Manjhi, Dr. Nidhi Mishra, Dr. Rahul Deo Sah

1087 - 1090

House Price Prediction using Machine Learning

Karan Srivastava, Sahil Verma, Mohammad Shuaib Khan, Ajay Singh

1111 - 1117

An Adaptive Strategy for Colony Size Control in Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem

Shikha, Navneet Kaur, Nidhika Chauhan, Satbir S Sehgal, Atul Malhotra

1118 - 1126

Artificial Neural Networks: Build and Train a Neural Network Model for Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems

Aashman Verma, Shikha Jain, Anshit Sharma, Mohd Aftab Malik, Nidhika Chauhan, Satbir S Sehgal, Navneet Kaur

1127 - 1137

"Minimization of Total cost in CMS Design with Production Cost, Subcontracting Cost, and Machine Cost using PSO”

C. Thirupathaiah, K. Nagamani, S. M. Saleemuddin, G. Eswar Balachandar, B. Santhosh Kumar

1138 - 1144

Enhancing Student Health and Wellness

Isha Narwal, Ujjwal Siwach, Nidhika Chauhan, Saloni Bhadouriya, Utkarsh Singh, Navneet Kaur, Satbir S Sehgal

1153 - 1159

IoT Based Assistive Cap for Visually Impaired People

Harmanjeet Singh Longia, Navneet Kaur, Kavita, Satbir S Sehgal, Nidhika Chauhan

1160 - 1166

Wireless Body Area Networks: A Promising Technology for Fall Detection – A Review

Harsimranjeet Singh, Navneet Kaur, Satbir S Sehgal, Gagandeep Kaur, Nidhika Chauhan, Sahil Verma

1167 - 1177

Architecture Which Suits You Best

Nishchal, Mohammad Shuaib Khan, Sahil Verma, Ajay Singh

1178 - 1186

A Chatbot for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Paras Gupta, Sahil Verma, Mohammad Shuaib Khan

1187 - 1197

Machine Learning Comparative analysis of min-max algorithm with alpha-beta pruning optimization for chess engine.

Amit Yadav, Sahil Verma, Mohammad Shuaib Khan, Bhupendra Singh Rawat

1198 - 1205

Social Distancing Analyzer

Tanya Dhariwal, Kshamta, Abhishek Kumar Pathak

1206 - 1215

Concepts Of Decoding in Cryptography

Naman Thakur, Steve Samson, Reeta Rautela, Kavita,

1216 - 1224

Predictive Analysis of Payment Delays

Chayan Sapra, K Divya, Kavita, Anil Kumar Dixit

1225 - 1231

Native Sign Language Recognition using Neural Networks

Puneet Kumar, Shikha Uniyal Gairola, Steve Samson, Kavita

1239 - 1246

Train Ticketing System

Tushar Kansal, Sangeeta, Kavita, Bharti Ramola

1247 - 1252

Android Offloading Computation over Cloud

Ayushi Srivastava, K Divya, Kavita, Anil Kumar Dixit

1253 - 1262

Block Chain challenges and opportunities: a survey

Dhriti Chhaya Sarma, Azhar Ashraf, Sahil Verma, Lakshmipriya Vinjamuri

1275 - 1291

A Study on Game Design and Development using Unity and Unreal Engine: A Comparative Analysis of Features, Tools, and Performance

Omkar Mishra, Abhishek Raj, Jagatjeet Singh, Ansh Singh, Nidhika Chauhan, Navneet Kaur, Satbir S Sehgal

1292 - 1301

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