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Vol. 45 No. 05 (2024): Issue 05

Published: 2024-05-04

Examination of Renewable Energy Sources, Sustainability Dimensions, and Endeavors to Mitigate Climate Change

R. Deepa , O. Sathish , P. Magudeaswaran . P. Sureshkumar , M. Kumaresan

46 - 54

Protecting the Internet: How Smart Computers Detect Online Threats using Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Badisa Naveen, Jayanth Krishna Grandhi, Kallam Lasya, Eda Mokshita Reddy, Nulaka Srinivasu, Suneetha Bulla

75 - 81

Towards Effective Abnormality Detection in Network Traffic: A Manual Approach Using Statistical Analysis

Revanth Sunkara, Naga Sasank Kalapala, Jetreya Yedavalli, Atchyuth Kumar Panidepu, K.V.D. Kiran, Venkata Vara Prasad Padyala

95 - 100

Seamlessly Backing Up Smart Home Messenger Notifications to the Cloud

K.Krishna Teja, V. Poorna Sasank, M. Rama Sai , M. Kavitha., S.S Aravinth

114 - 124

Real-time Automated Internal Network Red-Teaming Using Nmap

Ramu Singamsetty , Koneru Sai Chandra Has, Sravani Kukkapalli, Veera Narayana Mannipudi, K.V.D Kiran, A V Praveen Krishna

125 - 131

Lean Layout Implementation at Fabrication Plant

Tadamalle A. P. , Katikar R. S. , Gandhare B. S., Biradar A. K. , Kadam P. G. , Ingole P. D.

140 - 149

Machine Learning Approaches to Content Recommendation: Enhancing User Experience on Netflix

Chaitanya Koppula, Kuppili Vishal, V.S Gopthreya, Gottipati Siddhartha,Radha Mothukuri,Suneetha Bulla

173 - 185

Multipurpose Biodegradable Gloves and Masks

Jim C Elliot, Avinash J, 3Sneha S

186 - 189

Light Tissue Interaction Study on Skin Tissue Using Monte Carlo Stimulation Method

Jim Elliot Christopherjames, Nithiyaa Dharshini M, Srinithi G

190 - 196

Generative Artificial Intelligence for Human Capital Management

Vishwanadh Raju Kurchellapati , Rama Prasad MV

197 - 214

Mechanical Characterization of Cuttlefish Bone Particle-Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites

Manickavasaham G, Venkatesan D, Baskar G, Saravanan S, Vijay Chandran R, Charles Peromio A

221 - 226

Efficiency Improvement through Universal Coupling Shaft Replacement in Aligning Mechanisms

Katakam Satyanarayana, Avinash Padala, M. Raja Roy, Manepalli Sailaja, Sunandha Tulasi T.

227 - 235

Multilevel Inverter With Hybrid Source To Control Pmsm Motor For E Vehicle Application

Loganathan P., Subramaniyan R., P. Selvam, G. Ramakrishnaprabu

258 - 262

Physical-Mechanical Properties of a Composition Based on Rubber Dust

Shixaliyev Karam Sefi, Movlayev Ibrahim Humbat

296 - 308

Multilevel Inverter with Hybrid Source to Control PMSM Motor for E Vehicle Application

Loganathan P , Subramaniyan R, P. Selvam, G. Ramakrishnaprabu

394 - 398

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